Here are some of the talks and presentations we've given at conferences and other events with link to slides where available.


15 Oct, Internet Librarian International 2019 - Invent and Create: Digital skills for library staff - Kate Lomax

07 June, TeachMeet: Accessibility and Playful Learning, University of Roehampton - Chatbots in the Library: Creating accessible, conversational experiences - Kate Lomax

27 March, CILIP Careers Day - Digital skills for libraries– keeping up, skilling up and avoiding shiny object syndrome (SOS)- Kate Lomax

19 March, Makerspaces Meetup at Oxfordshire County Library - Next Level Makerspaces & Making in Libraries- Kate Lomax


01st November, IT4Arts Workshop: Software for Collections and Archives in the Arts and Cultural Sector - Omeka and other user-friendly open source software for small collections & archives - Kate Lomax

15th October, Internet Librarian International 2018 - Conversations in the library - using technology for better User Experience - Kate Lomax & Carlos Izsak

15th June, CILIP Health Libraries Group Conference 2018 - HLISD - fit for the future - Kate Lomax with David Law


18th October, Internet Librarian International - Interactive library spaces – creating new user experiences with digital tech - Kate Lomax & Carlos Izsak

31st May, Libraries Taskforce Makerspaces Workshop - A Collaborative Guide to Library Makerspaces - Kate Lomax & Carlos Izsak


16th November, Dorking, Surrey Library Conference - Professional Development for Library Makers - Kate Lomax & Carlos Izsak

13th July, Brighton, CILIP Conference - Library makerspaces, digital inclusion & engagement - Kate Lomax & Carlos Izsak.

5th March, British Council, Chennai. "Every Library its Members: Analogue Outreach in the Digital Age". This talk looked at the role of the librarian in outreach, and how "taking the librarian out of the library" might offer novel ways of engagement, engendering new community relations and readerships - Sara Wingate Gray.

8th March, India Public Library Conference, New Delhi. "Digital Bookshelves For All: A Case Study of Library Wall". This talk featured a case study of artefacto's digital bookshelf project, "Library Wall", and looked at how technology such as QR-codes and NFC, together with copyright-free, co-curated and geo-targeted digital content can provide public libraries with innovative modes of digital discovery and new readerships - Sara Wingate Gray.

9th March, British Council, New Delhi. "Philosophies of School Librarianship: Local and Global Praxis and Perspective". This talk explored international initiatives in school librarianship, including digital technology use, moving to look at the intersection of philosophies of pedagogy and librarianship - Sara Wingate Gray.

10th March, British Council, Mumbai. "The Poetics of The Library". This session explored philosophies of librarianship, alongside historical practices and future trends in libraries to see how a 21st century library might grow - Sara Wingate Gray.


6th March, Edge Conference, Edinburgh. Building a Community Library Wall - Sara Wingate Gray & Kate Lomax.


3rd November, British Library Labs Symposium, British Library, London. "Library Wall" demo and installation.

9th August, Pi and Mash Mashed Library unconference, Senate House Library, London. "Meaningful Metrics and Visualisations for Libraries".

4th July, British Library, London. Presentation on "Curatorial".

April, ReadAhead: London Bookfair event, Free Word Centre, London.

12th February, British Library, London. "Making the Most of Metadata", presentation on "Curatorial" - Sara Wingate Gray & Kate Lomax.

24th January, British Library, London. Launch and presentation of "Curatorial", an open source, collaborative, social platform for curation - Sara Wingate Gray & Kate Lomax.


December, Library Camp UK, Birmingham. "Open Source Toolkit For Libraries" - Sara Wingate Gray & Kate Lomax.

November,FLOSSIE Conference, Queen Mary, University of London. “OpenBookQuest” interactive, gamified ebook installation distributing open technical books - Sara Wingate Gray & Kate Lomax.