Our work
We work in collaboration with organisations to support staff and users and deliver great user experiences
New Health Library and Information Services Directory for UK and Ireland
New Furtherfield Gallery website - a fully responsive, clean and easy to use WordPress-based site.
A new communication and collaboration platform for OrchLab, a three-year project, and is a collaboration between the LPO and Drake Music.
A fully-customised, mobile popup makerspace designed for libraries and museums.
A collection of curated, custom Library Wall display designs to promote ebooks for library users.
Working with Vision, Redbridge Culture and Leisure to develop a sustainable maker programme.
A practical online course designed specifically for library staff interested in makerspaces and digital making.
Artefacto Labs
We like to build things to try out new technologies and to demonstrate new ways of doing things.
And because we like to collaborate and share
The Makercart is a fully-customised, portable pop-up makerspace

Each makercart is designed and equipped to meet the needs of your maker programme.

You can now find Makercarts at Redbridge Library, Guildford Library, Ashford Library, Newington Library and more.

"We're really enjoying delivering activities with the Makercart, we finally found something that grabs the children's and their families interest and imagination".
Patricia Nuttall, Morris Green Library - Liverpool Libraries