Project announcement: CILIP Digital Leadership for Libraries

We are very excited to be partnering with CILIP on their recently announced Digital Leadership for Libraries project.

This project embodies many of Artefacto’s values and brings together our past works of promoting digital skills in libraries in interesting and engaging ways.

The project aims to inspire public library staff of all levels to become confident future digital leaders and encourage them to explore the potential of new and emerging technologies and their impact on library services and users.

While digital technologies can help create new opportunities for libraries, they aren’t a solution on their own. The decisions we make about tools & technologies used in our organisation can have wide reaching impacts for both our services and our users. We look forward to contributing to resources that help library and information professionals make these kinds of decisions. 

We are just getting started on this project, sharing ideas and brainstorming with the project team, but we are looking forward to working with a wide variety of public library staff and subject matter experts to help produce openly-licensed, accessible learning content that, most importantly, helps library staff get things done. 

Check out the press release for more details.