Top library links of 2019

It’s always interesting (and sometimes a little bit surprising) to see what links are most popular with the library and information network we share our newsletter with. It also seems like a good way to summarise the year in libraries and start looking forward to what’s to come for 2020.

So let’s look back at what proved popular within the library community this year.

This list includes some of the most popular links from the 23 issues we published in 2019. Thanks to everyone who blogged, tweeted, created and shared resources for libraries in 2019.


  1. 7 statements library professionals should rethink in 2019Princh blog

Arguably, every year should start with us challenging the assumptions that we may make about our users and our services. This piece from Ian Anstice, editor of Public Libraries News and Jane Cowell (Chief Executive Officer at Yarra Plenty Regional Library in Australia) proved popular with library folks looking to start 2019 on the right foot.

  1. Library Tech Trends for 2019TechSoup for Libraries

Jim Lynch’s predictions for 2019 on the TechSoup for Libraries blog included privacy, fake news, updates to media labs and makerspaces, the resurgence of the print book and more. While we’re still waiting to see the impact of 5G, the rest seem pretty on point.

  1. [Tips to Answering 5 Common Library Interview Questions]( – Mr Library Dude

Career advice is always popular with library staff looking to expand their horizons. This advice from Joe Hardenbrook on how to approach these common interview questions are still a helpful resource for 2020.

  1. [10 Steps Towards Becoming a Great Librarian and Information Manager]( ) – @GPSalmeron

Glòria PérezSalmerón was IFLA President 2017-2019 and is now IFLA Global Libraries Chair (among a few other roles).This infograph she shared on Twitter was a hit with informatio professionals, once again demonstrating the potential of Twitter as a CPD platform. And how great infographs can be.

  1. 7 Cool Things Libraries Are Doing Beyond BooksBookriot

In times of turbulence between the library sector and publishing worlds, BookRiot has been a welcome source of support and cheerleading for public libraries.

  1. How libraries change lives | Ciara Eastell | TEDxExeterYouTube

No surprises that this inspiring talk given by Ciara Eastell at TedxExter resonated with so many people, making the case for libraries as vital places of transformation and possibility.

  1. Networked information, linked data, machine learning, and … Spotify!Claire Demarco

Things like linked data can seem hard to engage with (and easy to ignore) when they feel a bit too abstract. Here, Claire Demarco put together a readable guide to linked data and machine learning and explores some of the big issues for libraries through a helpful prism of Spotify.

  1. 6 Principles of Innovation for LibrariesJane Cowell

Jane Cowell’s adaptation of Dieter Ram’s 10 principles of good design was originally part of a talk given at the CILIP Scotland National Conference. Her written version really stuck with us. If we take anything with us from 2019 into 2020, let it be that ‘Innovation Should Bring Delight’.

  1. We’re in a Data Literacy Crisis. Could Librarians Be the Superheroes We Need?Fortune

Because not all heroes wear capes.

  1. New job and reflections on interviewsLibrarians with Lives

Between putting out episodes of her popular library podcast, Jo Wood also somehow found time to share her job seeking experiences.

  1. Libraries Must Draw the Line on E-booksPublishers Weekly

Changes to eBook licensing and battle lines drawn by publishers was a significant issue for libraries in 2019. Sari Feldman used her pre-retirement column to share her advice on how to take this on.

  1. How to Keep Working When You’re Just Not Feeling ItHarvard Business Review

Libraries don’t exist in a vacuum and library staff are feeling the effects of increasing demands and burnout just like other sectors. This article offered some great tips for effective self-motivation.

These are just some of the standout links over the last 12 months. There were lots more and we’re stoked to be part of a sector that so readily shares experiences, advice and resources with others. We’re looking forward to seeing what the library world holds for 2020.

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