Library wall project

Library Wall is an ongoing project that was conceived to enable us to explore innovative and engaging ways to promote and share digital content in physical spaces. 

The Library Wall collection draws on public domain and other openly licensed ebook and audio content, including custom versions that have been published specifically for the project.

The first prototype Library Wall was installed on a residential street in Haringey in 2014. You can read more about it here. We’ve since produced Library Walls for the British Library, the British Council in India and Pakistan, Hackney Libraries and the CILIP Health Libraries Group.

Our Library wall installations have used different proximity technologies, including QR codes and NFC tags. As part of this project, we launched the Library Wall Dashboard, an online platform that enables our Library Wall clients to add new ebook titles on their Library Wall displays. Dashboard users can also track usage and generate QR codes for their Library Wall titles. 

Other experimental editions of the Library Wall include audio-based installations and serialised fiction delivered via email.