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Show your work – finding & creating inspiration in the library sector

We love seeing case studies, posts and articles from libraries and library staff celebrating their wins, whether big and small. But we also learn a lot from libraries sharing their experiences when things don’t necessarily go to plan. And we’ve learnt from publishing more than 230 issues of our library newsletter that library professionals also […]

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Creating interactive learning experiences with Twine

We love stories! No matter what we are working on – whether it’s training in person, online learning, or designing a website – we like to incorporate interactive and narrative elements to make it more enjoyable and engaging for our users. Interactive storytelling also has significant pedagogical value. For example, we often use branching scenarios […]

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Strategic planning for your library – some ideas and inspiration

When it comes to your library’s strategic vision, it can always be helpful to get a little inspiration from what other libraries are doing.  To help you to create a meaningful strategic plan, we’ve put together a list of some great examples of library strategies from around the world (and from different types of libraries).  […]

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A rapid guide to rapid prototyping: tools and techniques

Building prototypes is an important part of our work both in terms of experimenting with new technologies in Artefacto Labs products and in our work with clients. We believe an iterative, user-driven approach results in much better services and products that are user-friendly, adaptable and engaging. This is key to our product strategy. Prototyping is […]

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