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Free Makerspace Starter Guide for Libraries

All of us here in the Artefacto team are creative technologists, makers or artists of some kind, so the concept of makespaces as creative spaces for learning and collaboration has always been appealing to us.  Makerspaces are many things to many people. They can be permanent, temporary, stationary or mobile. They come in different shapes, […]

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A brief guide to online exhibit platforms

Online exhibits can be a great way to engage users in your collections. Whether these are standalone narratives or designed to consolidate or compliment exhibitions and experiences in the physical spaces of museums, libraries, galleries and archives, it’s important that these exhibits are accessible and user friendly for both visitors and curators alike. We often […]

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The power of microinteractions: a guide for galleries, libraries, archives and museums

With the hasty shift to online delivery during the past 18 months, the pain and frustration of a badly thought-out digital experience is certainly something that we’ve all experienced. And this has made us more aware of the importance of getting even the smallest of online interactions right.  Let’s take the ubiquitous video meeting for […]

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